What is the character “NinjArigato”?

NinjArigato was born on International Gratitude Day in 2023, inspired by the strong collective desire to convey the greatness of Japan to the world. His dream is to become a 'bridge' that connects cultures from around the world with Japan and to be the most appreciated person worldwide.

NinjArigato Profile


List of Achievements

Hyogo Prefecture tourism promotion (Himeji Castle, Arima Onsen, Takeda Castle, and more)
Planned tourism promotion for Fukuoka Prefecture

The character’s name is NinjArigato
It was born on January 11th, 2023, on International Gratitude Day. Hailing from Tokyo and professionally, a NINJA
A shy optimist
Hobbies include traveling, exploring power spots; he loves festivals
An incredibly lucky person, for example, even if he loses something valuable, he will always find it again.
This NinjArigato possesses a kind heart and dislikes speaking ill of others
Favorite foods include tofu, curry rice, mochi rice cakes, onigiri rice balls, sushi, sukiyaki, and tempura.
Not good at giving directions. Terrible sense of direction.
His motto is 'live life in one's own way,' which means to live authentically.
Usually doesn't talk much but will add 'ja' to the end of a word or phrase.
His habit is expressing gratitude by folding his hands.
NinjArigato’s dream is to be the most appreciated person in the world!

Chracter Designer Profile


Ryo Taniguchi

Character designer born and living in Fukuoka City.
Graduated in 1997 from Cabrillo College in California, with an art major.
After returning to Japan, in 1998 he started to create original characters.
While selling character goods on the streets, he built connections and developed his career to this day.
Visiting Professor at Kyushu Sangyo University, Faculty of Design, Short-term College Division

Award History

Illustrator of the Year 2015 Winning Illustrator Prize
2016 “Adobe Design Jimoto” Visual Design Division Win
Recipient of 2019 Fukuoka City Culture Award
Recipient of 2020 Fukuoka Prefecture Culture Award

List of Achievements

"Benesse Corporation Challenge Touch Navigation Character 'Nyacchi'
Fukuoka Prefectural Traffic Safety Association Official Character 'Shigumaru'
KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Official Character 'Misetaka!'
Kumarba Inc. Kids' YouTube Channel 'Kumarba Channel' Character 'Kumarba'
Takara Tomy Arts Original Character 'JapanDa'
Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Official Mascots 'Miraitowa' and 'Someity'
Marutai Co,. LTD Official Character 'Marutai Family'
Nisi K Official Characters 'Justy,' 'Fukkuru,' and 'Charin’
And many more.