About this site


Service concept

  1. ① Using a character to make
    the world smile

  2. ② Promoting Japanese tourism
    and culture to the world

  3. ③ Using donations to bring a
    wind of ‘arigato’(gratitude)
    to the world
  • ・PR videos for international audiences
  • ・Appearance in events
  • ・Live performances, video streaming, corporate projects
  • ・Character consultation
  • ・ NFT projects
  • *A portion of the earnings obtained from the above activities will be donated.

Merchandise sales plan

  • * Types of goods and merchandise Towels, handkerchiefs
  • Key chains, pin badges
  • Clothing (T-shirts and the like)
  • Kimono, Yukata
  • Smartphone cases, smartphone rings
  • rings
  • Stickers
  • Lapel pins
  • etc