What is the character “NinjArigato”?

What is the character “NinjArigato”?


The character was created based on the concept of the universally understood Japanese greeting 'ARIGATO.'
This new character is the first in Japan created with the concept of sending messages to the world.
The design is by Ryo Taniguchi, who was responsible for the mascot design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
A self-appointed tourism ambassador of Japan, promoting the charm of Japan to the world.

Music Track (Promotional Video) Introduction

A Promotional Video packed with the charm of NinjArigato is now avail-
able for viewing!
The first installment is set with Himeji Castle as its stage! We will trans-
mit Japan's culture and history to the world!

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NinjArigato will appear “Christmas Advent” at HAKATA Station!

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NinjArigato participated in the “Super spicy festival”

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NinjArigato participated in the “Mobile Art CAR Painting Contest”

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Hello world! I am NinjArigato.

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